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About Us

Our shopDavid Cassou, owner and manager of Interior Upholstery, has been reupholstering furniture, auto upholstery, building custom boat tops, and boat interiors for a good 30 years or so.

Having been a part of the industry since high school, David knows what to do to make an upholstery job look like new on the inside and out. More than that, he loves to reupholster the furniture, truck seats, and boat tops most in need of a little "sprucing up." He also has plenty of experience and expertise in heavy equipment reupholstering and customized boat tops!

With over two decades in Alaska, he has found time (when not reupholstering his clients' projects) to hunt, fish, and—like a lot of locals—snowmobile and boat. David is a down to Earth fellow who knows how to get the job right, as well as being a part of the local community.

Contact him for details on how he can help you!

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